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bigty623 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2006 at 10:03am
well... this spring break isn't much different then the rest of them, just sitting around. I found a few weeks ago that my neightbor is selling there house. and come to find out my other my (Teresa) is looking into buying it. that is going to suck if they do get it. living kitty corner to use. then she can really keep an eye on me. watch what i am doing at all times. that would suck completely. well i'm outta here now.
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04-05-06 4:29pm

damnit, no more walking around the house naked.. haha

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04-06-06 11:19am

you'll be okay Ty! i miss yas! well at least talkin with yas on Msn. Though im never on anymore, haha and im at school right now with no way of getting on msn. Later!

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