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banana (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2006 at 6:31pm
Current mood: tired
I have not written in here in forever! I really like my boyfriend and I have decided that our physical relationship does not matter. I still want to be with him even though he will not put his arm around me or kiss me. I would write this on my xanga but he reads it. He doesn't read this so im fine.
I went to Jacqui's tonight to finish our presentation...well start and finish it. I hope we still don't have to do a research paper and a presentation. The presentation is pretty much a bunch of boring information anyway.
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01-10-06 10:22pm

you know, i could be a dick and tell him that you have a woohu journal.... but i'll be nice for now

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Re:, 01-11-06 3:33pm

Thanks alot...

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