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bleedingsun (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2006 at 12:39am
Music: Bright Eyes
Subject: Insomnia? No.

I want to go to bed, but my blanket is in the dryer, and apparently we have no other blankets in this house. I put my bedding in the washer earlier today, but I forgot to dry it until about 20 minutes ago. So now I'm here, bored and exhausted, hoping we have another day off tomorrow. If we don't, I'm sure I'll be falling asleep in class.
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01-18-06 12:44am

I just got done with my homework and sent it to Amanda. I'm very proud.

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Re:, 01-18-06 1:01am

I'm proud too. Now get some sleep!

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01-18-06 7:00am

I couldn't sleep at all last night.
School is lame.

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