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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2002 at 1:52pm
Current mood: melancholy
Music: Something goofy
Subject: Track and baseballs
Alright, at Spuds request, I shall tell the story of the baseball. It was a black and stormy... oh wait. Anyway, it was a sunny afternoon and the distance team got done with our 1 mile warm-up. Some of us were then forced to do a few simple laps, or 5 miles. I don't need to tell you where I got put. Me, Kelly Edly, Cory Hoeffman, Travis Porter, and Keida were all running around near the baseball fields.
NOTE:I was not on the track team. There are routes the track team takes around the schools. Read this until you understand or you will not get the rest of this entry.
Anyway, baseball fields. Thats when I spotted a baseball. My first instinct was a giant jaw-breaker. Canddddieeeee! I ran to it and it was a baseball. Cool I thought, I'll just pocket this and keep moving on. So I did. I kept going until Cory and Travis took off another way because they had to take a dump. I followed Kelly, but he wussed out and I looked for Keida, but he was like, a half a mile behind. NO LEADERSHIP! Nobody to follow! on my on! GAAAAAAAA! Anyway, I used the best mathmatical abilites I had (B- in Algebra) and ran along the on a dirt road. The entire time I did this, I was tossing the baseball up and down as I ran. I got back to what I thought was fairly early, but it turns out I was 20 minutes late! Yikes!
Think about this. 5 miles. I wasn't tired at the end. AT ALL. Plus I was late. What have I learned? Buy a baseball, thats what!
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Yes..., 05-06-02 3:48pm

Baseballs are extremely entertaining.... but that's coming from a die-hard softball player. But whatever.

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05-06-02 10:32pm

yeah. thanks. but you ran more than five miles. it makes sense. i do that whenever i need to run distance. or i suck. i just don't use baseballs. i'll just think about stuff, hum songs, ponder theories. yeah. that's all i've ever really done. but i've never run for more than half an hour.

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Re: Songs, 05-07-02 7:39am

Songs don't work that well for me. I just look at stuff or talk to people. I talk to Kelly A LOT and it drives him nuts because he wants to answer but answering drains energy.

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