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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2006 at 12:28am
Music: hey mombo! mombo italiano!
Subject: friends! what a blessing

well it seems that God is blessing me and cursing me all at the same time. Lets start with the blessings. we finally don't worry about money anymore we actually have a constant 2,000 dollars in the bank every week and we don't fight about it anymore, because we can actually buy groceries*when we need them and anything's amazing how nice it is to be able to say that. Also it seems like lately all of my friends have been coming back into my life. Briana and I have been friends again for a straight 5 months now and everybody at work is starting to see that I am not just the manager...we even have nights where we all just hang out, outside of work..its nice. I mean even KTC came and saw me today which was unexpected but really cool all the same...even though I think that she was probably really bored but thanks anyways for coming...On another note I have been searching for a new job because pizza just isn't my thing and nobody can see how much Im really worth and I can't stand it anymore....and finally after a month of apps I finally got a call back for a asst.manager position that pays ten dollars an hour plus benifits and bonus's THANK JESUS!!!!!

But for the curses.....I have been dewling on the fact that it is now 5 days and still no monthly....normally i could set my calander on that stuff but this month not happening....Im not really scared or excited Im jsut trying not to think about it....what happens, happens plus it would just be like starting our family a little early I guess. *SIGH* That and all this fucking snow!!!! I thought that groundhog said no more winter!!! Iknow that I have been living in the northern part of the united states for more than 19 years but I still hate exscuse me HATE SNOW...I can't stand it I don't like driving in it I don't like looking at it I don't even like the smell not that there really is one but at least when you cut grass theres a fucking smell to it...what is the point to it?????? anyways sorry about that it's a sore spot.

well core's watching something that is compleatly against my realigion to watch nevertheless to listen to so I have to go and yell at him.
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02-16-06 9:00am

dumbass! the groundhig said six more weeks. he always says six more weeks.

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02-16-06 9:01am

by the way....

baby? maybe?

you might join the mommy club?

oh, lord.

let me know what happens.

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Re: false alarm, 02-20-06 12:31pm

it just came really late.....really really late...thanks for caring though

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