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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2006 at 10:24am
Howdy!!! Well things are good me and Daryl have been together 6 Months, this friday *my prom night* WOOOT! Gosh i love him so much. I went to Portland TN with him *where he is from* and met his family they all seem really nice. So things are goin real good there, Soccer is also goin good, last weekend we won one game and tied the other it was awesome i was proud of myself!!! :D yeah, and i have been tanning for prom, and working, i have ACT's Saturday morning. so yeah great stuff...not. HOLY COW 6 weeks left of school!!! :(:(:(:( Its sad i dont wanna leave, but ya gotta go sometime. ya know. welpers, i guess ill ttyl LOVE YAS!!!!
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04-05-06 4:00pm

Good luck with your ACT's! If i did ok i know you will be fine!

you should send me prom pics!

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Re:, 04-18-06 11:37am

I will try to put some on here someday and i dont know how i did on my act's but it was weird i didnt like it at all ttyl!

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