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empath (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2006 at 7:54pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Earwig- Drag
I don't like the conditions of my life right now. A few weeks ago, it was excellent. Things have changed. It's only a few weeks. And I have a feeling things are about to get a little worse. I'm going to be more lonely for a while, so I apologize if I complain at all. I just can't keep having "friendships" like the ones I have with Torrell and Angie. I know this. I'm putting a stop to it. After I go there once more.
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04-24-06 10:20pm

hey Lisa...if you ever get bored, you could give me a call.

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Re:, 04-28-06 12:58pm

I will do that sometime, thanx.

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04-26-06 10:08pm

well, if you need/want someone to talk to, i'm here to listen

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