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denation (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2006 at 8:58am
Subject: A little vocab for ya
Annetastic (adj.) : being cool, fun, and sexy without having to make any extra effort whatsoever. The annetastic girl made it known that she was smoking hot and in control of her man.

A to the K (n.) : a gorgeous girl who knows it and shows it. A to the K made her way down to Burger King flaunting her sexiness for everyone to see.

Denation (n.) : a group of persons who think Dennis Monroe is 'code pink' and respond to his very attractive flirting. The denation all squealed when Dennis walked in to BK and winked at them.

Code Pink (n.) : when there is a hot guy at Burger King. Ashley, Allison, and Anne all yelled 'code pink in the office' when Dennis went to count his deposit.

Code Brown (n.) : see Mike Kern.

Mike Kern (n.) : see Code Brown.

Michael Morris (n.) : see douche bag.

Douche bag (n.) n : a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas. Michael Morris is a douche bag.
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04-25-06 11:57am

I love you, code pink.

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04-25-06 9:33pm

I do not...

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04-26-06 3:31am

I think some of those aren't actual words.
Like "lavage"

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04-26-06 10:36am

Do you work on Thursday? Between 8 and 12?

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Re:, 04-26-06 7:19pm

of course ;) I work all those amazing hours.

See you tomorrow..

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