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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2006 at 6:58pm

well today is wierd for me....I feel like I am angry but I don't really know why...I think it's just the sudden change in climate though...weird huh.

I saw a couple in a jeep today and they reminded me of you jess so much I felt really sad that I haven't seen you in so long I hope that doesn't last that me
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04-25-06 7:45pm

i will, in just a minute.

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04-26-06 11:04pm

I'm with you on the whole feeling wierd thing. Lately I've been really angry and I don't get it.

How's the new job?

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Re:, 05-03-06 9:45pm

the jobs's just boring...I don't know going from bieng busy all the time to barely's weird.

Are you having second thoughts about going to cali...

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