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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2006 at 3:02pm
ugh. just like everyone else, am stressy. school ends next week and i have so much i should be doing rather than typing in here, but im not right now because i just got home from school and im tired. i have to finish my costume and get patrice's bday present before friday. i also want to go get new clothes but that wont happen until next paycheck. but also, we need to look for apts. patrices mummy is being nice and looking for us, so that's helpful. im going to ask brittany/yoshi/joey and q if they want to live with us because amanda decided not to and patrice is okie with it. that would make things cheaper, assuming they have jobs and could pay the rent.
in other news, i was called a neanderthal last night, see my xanga for more extensive info.
oh yea. i really want to lose some weight this summer. i really packed it on this winter.
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05-03-06 2:49am

that justin kid is a jackass...i wanna meet him so i can beat him up!! i know ghetto moves from the city...i WILL use them!!!

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05-03-06 8:41pm


My school doesn't end till June 14th.

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