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atman (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2006 at 12:20am
Music: War
Subject: Bored
I'm done with college now and what not. My roommates REALLY boned me yesterday. They all left a present for me. Nic didn't really clean the bathroom very well, leland left a whole bunch of rotten food, and jarrid left behind various things, including his important dog tag and a big ol' case of diet mountain dew.
Afterwards, we went to the ol' race track, to watch our newest horse go fail miserably like all the rest. didn't suck. It won. It would have ripped all the other horses apart too, but it got out of the gates pretty bad. Anyway, enough horse talk.
Today was kinda exciting though. I woke up early and hung out with my parents. I helped my dad with some chores, and we did other stuff. I did want to go to that band concert today, and I'm sorry I didn't. My dad really had his heart set on us seeing MI 3, so, I went to that. Besides, I really wasn't feeling the whole, "Sit cramped for an hour thing" at the moment. Especially since I'm not even playing anymore. I DO want to meet up with everyone again, so I'm sure I'll find a time to do that.
But seriously, Tom Cruise? In MI3? Uhhhh yea. He is fucking creepy. Just...I hate his smile. It freaks me out waaaaaay to much.
After that, bill, david, and his sister hung out just like the good old days. Ah, the good old days, where calling someone a douchebag was a viable comeback. Good times. Gooooooodtimes.
I'm supposed to get a call tomorrow from Charlie about Wendy's. Dear GOD I hope a I get a job this summer. Everyone mocks me for just mooching off my parents, but I've never liked doing that. I don't enjoy it. I hate myself for it every time I have to ask for money. I'm 20 and its no different for me than being 12. It'd do me some good to have a job, too.
Dez is coming in this friday. Yay and stuff for that. If you want to meet her and hang out with her, gimme a ring or whatnot.
Oh, and kevin, if you see this, one of those nights you are throwing an uberlan. Because I said so. Well, she did too, but I'm clearly more important.
Anywho, I'm off to bed. I'll see you kids later.
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05-08-06 12:53am

Tom Cruise has some weird nostril thing going on.

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05-08-06 1:38pm

saturday /fingercross ??

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05-08-06 7:19pm

saturday would probably work good for me

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05-09-06 12:10am

I dunno if I was a part of those "good old times", but I certainly enjoyed hanging out with you, and wouldn't mind doing so again. Gimme a call if you feel like it


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05-09-06 2:41am

yeah, gimme a call too. I might be able to go.

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10-17-06 3:49pm

Must pull a combo... I was never good at combos, my fingers got tired... so yeah. That weekend was a blast, and I am glad that I got to meet everyone that I did. I cannot wait till next year. Hopefully I can stay longer... and not unintentionally longer this time either, but properly on purpose.

Haha suckers... though I will talk to you parents Add, about paying them or something, cause I feel bad for eating their food.

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