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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 5-21-2006 at 12:18am
high school ended yesterday, but the realization that it ended didn't hit till just now.

i'm a big kid now, time to get a job, get a goal, and get some responsibility.

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05-21-06 12:31am

Too bad rl isn't like WoW. Oh might be...we're nerfed to hell. And taxes and bills are shamans. They better fix this in the next patch.

Good Luck my friend.

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Re:, 05-21-06 10:33am

thanks, and let's pray that earthbind totems start to aggro the neutral guards sometime

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Re: Re:, 05-21-06 11:14am


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Re:, 05-22-06 10:29am

Life would be cooler if it was an FPS

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05-21-06 11:19am

I went to see that Beatles tribute last night. It was awesome. And you and Bill were disappointed. or maybe it was just Bill. I don't know. It was awesome though.

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05-21-06 12:49pm

Maybe you'll get lucky and be invited to a guild (job) then you can raid (drink booze) and get epics (hot chicks). there a clinic for MMO junkies?

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Re:, 05-21-06 1:45pm

i hope so; for the sake of us all

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05-21-06 2:25pm

Good luck with thatttt. :)

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05-22-06 12:09am

shit! you're done already!

i was gonna come visit. damn it damn it damn it.

oh well. i'll still visit my teachers, even if the kids are all so much younger than me. i'm just so busy with shit. and i'm lazy.

nobody wants to wake up that early. especially when they don't have to.

and working full time is kind of like tanking lucifron without any AOE ; )

(i've watched kevin on molten core one too many times, i guess)

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