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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2006 at 2:21am
Music: Bungalo Bill- The Beatles
feeling pretty worthless, and i only have myself to blame

meh, i'll be over it by morning

edit: i'll be over it by the afternoon, you know, after i wake up *sigh*
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06-30-06 4:18am


David you're awesome. I just want you to know. Now that I'm the big one eight, we should buy cigarettes and porn together. It would be a blast. We wouldn't watch the porn, nor smoke the cigarettes, however, it would just be something fun to do. <3

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06-30-06 7:35am

you rock. and that should only be enough to make you happy. I'll tell you what, we'll party sometime with energy drinks or whatever the hell you want and we'll watch south park or family guy or anything that is teh shit.

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06-30-06 9:27am

Bash Bush day on my woohu.

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06-30-06 1:09pm


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