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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2006 at 10:12pm
Current mood: hard to say
Music: Tool
yeah, i've been back from vegas for a while, just didn't feel like actually using woohu to tell everyone how frickin' awesome it was (if you REALLY want to know you can leave a comment i guess). at any rate, i'm signed up for classes at GRCC even though i signed up way late (thank GOD for drop outs on payday). also, i'm lined up for a job. whee....

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08-13-06 11:39pm

all sounds great.

you are going to party down with me at grand valley this fall.

it is not a question.

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Re:, 08-15-06 12:35pm

well, yeah, just give me a call whenever.

my schedule will form right around the awesomeness that is chris best

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08-14-06 10:50am

I really want to know! you don't have to tell me though. glad you're back. we have to hang out. maybe go see SoaP and take will.

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08-16-06 7:08am

I loved when all the classes dropped for pay day, helped me get three more.

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08-28-06 8:12am

I see how it is, you can hang out at will's but you can't stop over and see me? No hard feelings. I mean, I do live like 5 houses away...

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