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dimthesun (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2006 at 2:51am
Current mood: jubilant
Music: Thrones - Alexisonfire [damn bitches, don't you wish you had that song? ;D]
Subject: CRISIS
My series of recent events;

-KAss slept over.
-Waited outside Best Buy for an hour and a half at 8 in the morning, to get the limited edition of Crisis. [New Alexisonfire Album]
-They didnít get them in yet. >_>
-Went to HMV immediately after.
-Bought the only Limited edition one! :D
-Kissed it repeatedly.
-Said bye to KAss as she walked away annoyed by the fact that I was completely mesmerized by my purchase.
-Invited Alice over for a sleepover.
-She broke my bed about two months ago.
-Watched Silent Hill and Saw 2. [The Used<3 play while the girl is injecting heroine]
-Next day, Alice decided to break my toilet hehehe.
-Eventually she left.
-Watched the new amazing City And Colour Video.
-It was so over the rainbow.
-Yes i just said Over The Rainbow...i say that a lot now.
-The End.

XDD Aliice I still love you<3
And no I wonít tell.
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08-24-06 6:02pm

-Eventually she left.!?!!?!?

remind next time to leave before the sun rises if i ever sleep over. >_>

aand. i don't keep promises. uxu

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Re:, 08-24-06 10:17pm

tch i didn't want you to leave! ;_;

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