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reid (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2006 at 10:08pm
I'm all set up here at UofM. It's pretty cool, the atmosphere is great and my roomie is really ... good. I hang around him alot, he knows everyone and is very well connected in general. Nice guy. Lot's of crazy parties around, my roomie goes to them every night. I could go with him I guess but I don't. Kind of disappointed in myself that I'm not trying stuff but meeeh.. tough for me. Have gone to alot of school related pep things and errmm crap though, so the majority of my time has actually not been spent on the computer. Football game against Vanderbilt tomorrow and my classes start on the 5th, woo.
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09-02-06 9:01am

Michigan will probably win unlike the football here. School starts the 5th too. Oh, and when I was talking to you the other, it was me up until- I SAW YOU!!. That was Courtany. She decided to sit on me and start talking and then when I randomly logged off, aim was acting up. You need to go to a college party. I won't be able to, so you have to tell me how they are.

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09-02-06 5:48pm

call me reid!!! 616-799-2460

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