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stinko (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2006 at 10:44am
so today is the second day of school for me. although yesterday i only went to one class that lasted a mere hour and then i went home and sort of slept until i had to work.
i am sitting in the computer lab waiting for 11:30 to roll around. i thought about reading while i wait and again while i wait later for robby to get out of his class, but instead i called casey and told her she needed to hang out with me. i mean, reading on your second day back is just not right. i don't want people to think that i want to be here. seriously. i'm only here for the hot chicks . . .
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09-06-06 12:21pm

where do you go to school?

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nobody, 09-07-06 2:34pm

I have been at the school the last three days in a row and I am yet to ee a single person I know. Alot strangers around these parts. Also have you noticed that everyone at CC smokes or has a tatoo?

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Re: nobody, 09-11-06 8:39am

yeah it's pretty white trash.
although i run into people i know constantly.
perhaps you are in the wrong places . . .

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