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wraith6699 (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2006 at 3:05pm
well, i survived a week of school and work, which sould have just been school if the BK Lounge didn't have my phone number (barf). school's fun because all of my professors are cool except my philosophy teacher (who just so happens to be a prick), but even he isn't so bad. I actually don't dread going to work because at least i'm *always* doing something and i don't have to sit around. found out that doing nothing is the most painful thing in the world to me *shrug*. funny how you can learn about yourself and then look back on your life and say "huh, that really explains a lot".
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09-10-06 5:51pm

lol. When I work I get yelled at if I don't do anything. I hate my work.

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Re:, 09-11-06 9:02pm

Shut up pussy it's only your 2nd day.

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AMBIANCE, 09-12-06 1:57pm

Get the green coconut for some ambiance!
Come on kid! (cry-baby)

Oh, remember that black car in front of us?
And that other black car?
Do you remember the balck car?


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09-14-06 5:10pm

hey, buy a pie.

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codes, 09-18-06 9:22am

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