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imaqinary (profile) wrote,
on 10-28-2006 at 4:44pm
Current mood: determined
Music: Alyssa's voice

Ah... life... I don't really see what the point of it is sometimes. Everything I love has just been taken from me... My 1st year of chorus, I began to love chorus.. & Ms. Romero leaves... I actually fall in love with Alyssa & she leaves... I just hate life sometimes.....
We were so close to not being able to go to Solo & Ensembles.... I had to bring the application to John Rose's house last night at like... 11.. it was crazy... John Rose is Coral Reef's director... I feel so special that 2 choral directors were helping us out.. =] Ms. Romero & Mr. Rose are cool people! hehe...
Yeah.. but I wanted to die last night.. I was not happy... I was crying a lot & I felt cutting myself.. but I didn't thankfully... =\

Anyway... I downloaded music from Aladdin.. so yeah I think I'm going to go listen to it... lol

Here are some icons...

I love Alyssa
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we 'seem' to be sceptics., 10-28-06 8:37pm

hopefully my "we 'seem' to be sceptics" pun didnt go unnoticed, but since it wasnt very 'punny' its all good. =). people like us (and im sorry if you take offense from me putting both of us in the same category of people) see too much, we see too much of this world and it burdens our souls. hehe, but dont forget that since 'you' specifically are intelligent enough to see why life mostly seems like a big waste of time, dont forget that you have the ability to see why its all worth your time. often times i kick myself because i havent found the real reason behind life, but once i stop and take a minute to think how illogical it is to be able to find the meaning of life i start thinking about the few important reasons i have to go on. we are young and relatively capable. the world seems too big but you have to take it in a small amounts and larger amounts when you can. im not sure what solo and ensembles are but i hope (specially since it took you some effort to make it happen) that you rock the house...and losing stuff is yin and yang. in life youll lose stuff and gain stuff, and since life normally seems to follow some weird pattern youll normally get back what you lost times 10 in some cases...hopefully im not out of line when i say that id like to chat one day, and not just be the weird guy that comments on your journal like ive known you since birth. promises im just an insanely bored teen looking for someone to chat with.

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11-04-06 10:04am

Hey Gina,
I dont really know what to say, but thanks for the comment.
I really appreciate it.
I've been reading ur journal.
And.. I noticed you only write when you're sad.
When exciting things happen, You should write too.
Alyssa really loves you, and I know both of you
are going to wait for each other.
That's one thing you really shouldnt worry about.
You both probably are arguing because you hate
not being able to see each other.
And.. ur probably just upset a lot.
When you both get to talk.. u should make the best of it.
I know its hard.
Some boy in Ohio was talking to me..
and I used to like him before Jose.
I only talked to him one day!!
And I feel for him.. and I hate that he's far away..
But.. Now we're not talking because we dont want to do that to Jose.
I really want to be with Jose..
So Yeah.
But.. I know how it can feel.
I just came to say thanks..
But I felt like I needed to tell you all of that..
Because when I read ur journal.. You sound..
and I think u should cheer up :-D

Thanks for the comment..
And being concerned about everything.


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Re:, 11-05-06 1:06pm

Thanks Tiffany =]
Although we don't really talk anymore..
I still care.

♥ Gina

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