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banana (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2006 at 6:49pm
Current mood: amused
Some people seriously annoy the crap out of me. Oh, well. I guess you just have to live with it. Not everyone can be nice all of the time. It's not really their fault anyway. I always feel bad for people who have to pick on others just to feel the satisfaction of thinking they are better than someone else.
Don't you hate it when the only guys who ask you out are the ones that you don't like as boyfriends?
I have had 4 different guys ask me out so far. #One just wanted some booty. #Two asked me out before but is just a good friend. #Three is my little brother's friend who thinks I like him, just because I smile at him!!! And #Four is a really good friend, and that's it.
I am a teachers assistant at the middle school this trimester. Whenever my class(8th) does anything stupid I think of how immature I was at that age. I also think of some people who haven't really changed all that much.
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11-30-06 10:16pm

I love you A. And I agree with the immaturity thing. I even see sophomores in coop's class that are way dumb and I hope I was never that stupid.
You will find a good guy that you like as more than a friend. And he'll kick ass and you'll love him lots and lots and you'll make babies!!
love ya' kid.

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Re:, 12-01-06 10:14am

I love you Jacqui!!!

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wow......, 01-29-07 10:49pm

You are deep........

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