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tails (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2006 at 1:01am
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12-08-06 2:28pm

i was kinda expecting some guy spreading his asshole apart with his hands or tubgirl or somthing....

i'm pretty not disturbed by that, it was just werid.

i didn't bother me at all, i was expecting to be disgusted.

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12-09-06 12:58am

the story is that conan said it on air and i guess its the law that if you say a website name that is yet to be bought you HAVE to by it by law. so NBC had to buy or else they would be in trouble. so conan said that everyone should check out horny manatee .com lol thought id share with everyone. and i dont remember who started tubgirl...but i remember that and i fucking hate whoever did that to me. i fucking hate them

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12-11-06 2:23am

I like better ;D

but oh em gawd that man-on-manatee action is hawt.

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12-11-06 7:58pm

I was watching conan when that came on. Mel and I instantly went there. I was amazed that the site came up, there must have been a million hit right then. Damn, conan is amazing. Even if he does wear too much make up.

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12-17-06 9:21pm

I went to that site on zak's laptop friday and we were talking about how that came to be a website. then he started saying it's like saying that is a website and blah blah blah. and out of curiosity, I typed it in. It's a website.

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