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imaqinary (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2007 at 10:38pm
Current mood: happy
Music: "Man On The Side"- John Mayer
All because of her... my life feels.. liveable..

:Sigh: this past week has been such an amazing week. Ok, Christmas was great.. but it came & went extremely fast. It's already the 3rd.. wow. The days are speeding by. Since the 30th, everything has been great. Let's start on the 30th.
Last saturday. Went shopping with Alyssa to the Falls. Bought a $40 bra at Victoria's Secret! =] A micro mini skirt & white sandals at Hollister. Awesome day. (Before I mention this, Alyssa & I broke up on the 20th. =[) Later that night, I decided that I wanted to be back with her. I missed her so much. Seriously, we've been inseperable since saturday. I haven't been this happy in sooo long. I love her so much!
New Years Eve. What an awesome day. Besides the fact that the Dolphins lost. But it was to be expected. Especially since we were up against the Colts =[. I hung out with Tiffany & Alyssa. Gees, it was so much fun. I missed hanging out with Tiffany. =[ I loved it & I hope it happens more often. I actually wanted to drink that day. Really weird since I'm completely against drinking. =\ I had a tiny bit of Hennessy but wasn't evennear tipsiness. I kissed Alyssa at exactly 12! Aww.. it was awesome. =] & Then, Tiffany, Alyssa & I had a group hug around 12. Gosh, so cool. hehe
The rest of this week I've either been staying at Alyssa's or hanging out with her and then going home. This week has been amazing. I stayed up on New Years Eve till 7 in the morning with Alyssa. Just talking. I haven't had that in so long. I missed it. =] I'm so happy I'm back with her. I'm never going to mess up again. I won't ever lie or be confused. I want to be with her forever. Really. I love her so much.

Well, I have to go... I'll write as soon as I can.

I love you Alyssa.
Always & Forever baby.
More than anything & everything.

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long time., 01-04-07 1:46pm

i hope you've had a fantastic time this holiday season. It's always a pretty cool time here during the holidays, specially in NY. Just wanted to drop in and say hello, and continue our one way e-friendship :-). Glad to see your holidays have brought you more than you asked for, and glad to see your over that mike guy and you finally found who you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's amazing that you've found the one you truly love. Cherish it because its one in a billion. Hope your 2007 turns out to be as good as your holidays have been...a toast to new begginings, strong love, and following our hearts :-).
*sips hennessy*

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Re: long time., 01-04-07 1:53pm

I know that I never replied you back on any of your comments but I do take them under consideration. I really appreciate your feedback. =] Hope that your holidays have been phenomenal & hope 2007 will be even better.

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