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ladybug04 (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2007 at 2:40pm
So.. Alyssa and I decided that we are going to get our ear peirced together, on the top cartilage area. I think we are going to do it this weekend. I think it's going to be fun, but i'm scared that it will hurt. I'm a big sissy about things poking.. no stabbing through skin. haha.

thats my update.. have a good weekend everyone
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01-05-07 5:34pm

i've got my ears pierced 3 times in each ear. and a few are redo's. I also gauged a couple of them like 4 sizes bigger. It's not that bad.

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01-05-07 10:28pm

Aw, Saaaam! That is going to look so adorable.

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Re:, 01-05-07 11:42pm

I really hope so. We are doing it tomorrow.. and i'm excited :)

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01-06-07 5:39am

good luck with that, you kids have fun!

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