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imnotokay (profile) wrote,
on 1-14-2007 at 8:10am
Current mood: Tired/idk
Music: Paramore-"Franklin"
Subject: Happy Valentines Day!
Good Morning Woohu-ers. Today totally sucks, school was cancelled on the only day i really wanted it to be open. Today i planned on giving a necklace to Samantha for V-day, but of course it had to be cancelled and now we won't get off on our other days of school. We'll be making up all these days for a while sadly...School will also probably not be getting out on May 31st. So yes, today sucks. Hope everyone else had a good Valentines Day, mine went to shit.

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02-14-07 4:39pm

*hug* Mine was shit too.

Our classes don't end until June 9th-ish.

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Re:, 02-14-07 11:01pm

well at least i got a virtual hug on Valentines day lol, thanx mucho =)

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02-18-07 10:16am

Well thank you, yours is nice as well.
I have to say I'm a little excited to get a comment, it's been like, ergh, never.

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