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my-self (profile) wrote,
on 2-15-2007 at 7:40am
I never do anything right.
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02-15-07 6:16pm

well, you mix drinks pretty well.
you pick out good movies.
you like great music.
you have nice pants.
you are very nice and i appreciate you.

so stop feeling sorry for yourself and help me with some evil schemes stat!!!

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Re:, 02-16-07 8:51am

nice...fuck nice.

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02-15-07 6:33pm

If you do something that doesn't agree with what you think is right, it's much easier to just change your attitude of what right is then it is to change your actual behaviour.

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03-11-07 9:41pm

You did help me off Mitch's bathroom floor and bring me into a room to lay down. I'd say you did something right there.

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