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empath (profile) wrote,
on 5-6-2007 at 8:54pm
Current mood: my buzz is almost dead
Music: something interesting at the coffee shop
Subject: Rolling with the Punches.
I haven't updated in months and months. I have been so absorbed in this whole business of making a living and a life, with Dustin. It's definitely drained me. I did not do as well in school as I probably could have because I didn't focus. I'm off of school until the end of June: I am taking one summer course to catch up my chemistry credits. I already had to take Bio twice because I skipped too many classes(including exams) my
first semester.
I just moved on Friday. Almost on a whim, Dustin and I signed a lease for this little apartment near WMU campus two weeks ago and just... moved out. It's hard because we were living with brother in the house my parents own and now he's left with a ditsy, deadbeat 'model' (whom I personally kicked the shit out of one night a couple months back), and her brother. They don't know what he has to go through just to live in that house. It's complicated, I guess.
I haven't really made any friends down here at all. The one time I went out with some of the people I work with, I got everyone kicked out of the bar, and I haven't been invited since. I'm doing a little better at keeping the few friends I've got floating around Grand Rapids (and Chicago), and those are the ones that reall y matter to me; but there are many that I lost touch with and miss :( I don't dwell on it, I try to move forward.

Everything will be fine, it just isn't yet..
Peace, for now.
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05-07-07 12:11am

i love you too!!! and i miss you

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05-07-07 3:21am

Duuude. Every time Dustin was on MSN (under your name) I told him to have you email me or something. I'm not sure if he told you or not.. I tried to email you a while back, but after I sent the letter I received a notice that your email address was expired. Bleeeh. Anyway, I haven't talked to you in ages so I just wanted to see what the hell has been up. I am in Australia, but I am returning May 17th (9 days) so if you're ever in the area you have to give me a call. I'll be home for at least a few months. Right now everything is kind of up in the air, I don't really have a home. Ok, I am rambling. Email me so I have an email I can contact you with and once I am back maybe we can hang out whenever you're in town. See ya man.

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