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runningfreak (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2007 at 1:35am
Current mood: energetic
Music: Just me humming strange tunes in my head
Subject: I should have seen it coming...I just didnt want to

I seem to have myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Well maybe not really but sometimes it feels that way. I am not over heels for him anymore, not like I used to be at least but I find myself more and more thinking about him. Sometimes it feels as though something is really there and not just by my account by I get a vibe from him and within minutes or maybe even over the course of the day the sense will just fad into normality which is boring and uneventful. Sometimes I wonder if he just tries to stay distant from me because he doesnt want to see something evolve. I dont know but it was worth a thought.

Another thing that really pisses me off and has become quite the trend is not recieving a phone call back from two specific people in particular. Let me just put it out there, when someone calls somebody else it is common courtesy to return there phone call just to be polite. I am so fucking sick of putting forth an effort where it seems there is a wall. I am tired of being the only one who ever seems to care. I know I fucked up. I know that chances of making it work were slim to none but I was willing to take that slim chance that it might work. I suppose it was just a waste of time from the begining the second time around. I just wish you would of told me that before you decided to drop me off and never bother look back and try to pick up the pieces. But whatever 'lifes a dance you learn as you go.'

But do not worry there is hope for me yet. We will see where this one takes me.
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08-29-07 3:10pm

I think most of the time, we know how things are going to turn out...we just ignore them, hoping and praying that they don't end up that way when the outlook is not so good. Sometimes I think it helps us to do that...others, I think it makes it worse, when you sit back and go 'oh shit, this really is's real' .....

Your a smart know when something is good. Just keep going about your days like you would...that one will take notice of you eventually, and if he doesn't...someone even better will. This crap is confusing!

but hey, I kinda fucking love ya....what more do you need...really? :)

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Re:, 08-31-07 12:38am

I kinda fucking love you too. You know exactly what to say when I need somebody to say it.

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08-29-07 3:23pm

I know I just commented, but I just remembered a saying that works well....

are you going to cowgirl up, or just lie there and bleed?

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