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moonshinehommie (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2007 at 1:00am
Subject: I am completly frustrated
and torn to pieces....

His car will be re-po'd by monday if we or should I say can't come up with 250.00 by then. That will be a shot in the dark if I might say so now. But a little part of me is happy...that stupid thing has only caused problems for us I mean shit before he got that we were starting to get back on our feet again and then everything went down hill from then on...I know I shouldn't talk about it because I know that now he regretst his decision on buying the thing but still...Oh and some how on top of paying that I have to find some way to make my pay check strech through our rent payment also and even if I can make that happen it's still going to be late because as you all know the first of the month is on sat and I just got paid which means it will be over a week late and since we are not really the greatest tennents they have had they probably won't let me get an extension. hmph just one more thing to worry about...

I have been toying with the thought of picking up a second maybe getting a partime first shift job just untill I start making more than ends meat. There is a ammaco station that is hiring on 28th st I think I will go and apply there maybe I will just try it out...something different you know. Who knows maybe I will like it and want to stay. God help me I am thinking that my niche is in convience stores!! ha isn't that the understatment of the year.

The insomnia has started again I think that it only occurs when I have a lot on my mind..because not only am I worried about finding a way to pay my bills on time but also it fucking christmas! What am I going to do about that....I know my parents understand but Devin doesn't well he should but he's still so god forsaken spoiled he wouldn't I don't know what I am going to do for him concidering that his birthday is like next sunday and I have to figure out a christmas gift for him too.........not to mention Corey's little sisters....Who knows maybe santa is real and I won't have to buy a thing. that would be nice.

My mom got a series of three shots in her spine yesterday she seems to be a little out of it since then I don't really know what to think of it..she has had them before but this time it seems to be taking more time for her to recoperate I am starting to get more worried about her condition it doesn't seem to be getting any better..but maybe I am just worring about something that doesn't really need to be worried about??

well my stalker is online so I need to go diffuse a situation
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11-29-07 11:12am

good luck with the petrol station job- they always say clouds have silver linings and it looks like you have lots of clouds.

im sure people will understand if you dont have enough money for christmas presents- late is better than never surely?

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Re:, 11-29-07 11:05pm

yes I suppose it is. That silver lining thing...I hope that comes it sure has been a long time coming....thanks for the insperation though

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Re: Re:, 12-06-07 9:35am

i hope so too.

tho i guess when you think things are really that bad you just dont notice the good things youre so buisy being wrapped up in everything else.

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