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joeydomina (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2008 at 7:20pm
Subject: Gangles Audition
Here is Jake's American Idol audition for those who missed it.

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02-14-08 7:35pm

they were dicks to him

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Re:, 02-14-08 7:52pm

i agree.... i was actually screaming screw you you british pig at the tv... then i stopped thought about what i said and called them wankers because ya know they understand that better.

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02-15-08 12:07am

Simon was a bit harsh to him, but the other two I don't think were too mean to him, actually. To me, Jake was a bit weak with the song and he should have beefed up his talent to show us (and them) that he wants this, not just that he's talented. He has a pleasing voice and it's amazing that he can play the drums and sing as good as he does, but this season isn't his (he should totally try again next season.. bringing with him more power in his voice).

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02-15-08 3:47pm

The song choice was weak. He did pretty decent though, but the song choice we definately weak. And even though playing the drums was original it would have made a bigger impact if he hadn't played them.

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