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nugenta3 (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2008 at 10:19pm
After 8 years of the most atrocious orator in American (perhaps world) history, it's no wonder that the delicious prose of Obama is so inspiring. He's waking us up from the comas we imposed upon ourselves so as not to be implored to listen to the power-hungry, secretive, narrow-minded, lying bastards we called leaders. Leaders.
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03-23-08 2:57pm

So do you think his words are what a presidents should be? And what is expected like in Carter, Ford, or Kennedy? Or do you think his words are extra special? I don't quite understand.
Of course in comparison to Bush they're amazing. But what about in comparison to other presidents?

Do you think his words are better? Or worse? Or just what is expected?

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Re:, 03-23-08 7:52pm

I'm not comparing Obama to anyone. I'm focusing only on how, after so much bullshit for so long, it's obvious why people would be inspired by a great orator, without saying anything about the content of his words.

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