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alex (profile) wrote,
on 4-14-2008 at 12:20am
Current mood: tired
Subject: first entry
This is my first entry and i have no idea what to say. I am having severe cravings for waffles and i am getting driven crazy for the need of strawberry eggos. I am in also in love and going to bed. I am definately not the most interesting person to read about and for that, yeah goodnight.
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04-14-08 2:25am

Here's your first comment for your first entry.

I honestly think that maybe you should seriously consider accepting the fact that you may have worms, the way you eat every 15 minutes and all..


Goodnight, darling.
I love you.

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04-14-08 2:27am

oh and! also!

I beg to differ about you not being interesting to read about.
Because I know for a FACT that I could write tons.
Snot-eyebrows, shaky softs, and retaliation flatulence on leather couches..

Oh, I could write..

okay, goodnight for real

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04-14-08 1:33pm

i like jason lee, and the chipmunks, but i have to say that the movie was kinda lame....

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Re:, 04-14-08 6:51pm

I think it was the fact it was so lame, and Theodore so cute..

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04-14-08 10:21pm

yay welcome to Woohu!

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04-15-08 1:43am


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Interesting?, 04-16-08 11:45pm

But; waffles are always interesting.

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