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Atman (profile) wrote,
on 2-27-2003 at 9:10pm
Current mood: Happy
Music: Zephyr
Subject: 100th Entry (Its not depressing, I promise!)
I'm member number 123 and this is only my 100th entry...Alright! To celebrate this special occansion, I'll type while I'm nude. Hold on.......
Ok, I'm ready...damn, its cold. Now I gotta go mess with the thermastat......
Ok, now I'm ready to go...I hope my parents don't walk in right'll look really awkward...
Ok, lets get back to the point of this entry, despite the fact there isn't one. Lets find something I can rant about. Hmmmm. How about biology? I've officially decided that I've given up in that class. I can't get a good test grade, no matter how hard I study. So, I'm not going to study anymore, and I barely pay attention in class, so, that pretty much says everything. I'm getting a B right now, and I don't want a B.

Well, tonight was our concert.
I felt like doing something completely outrageous, but, when the chance came, I turned it down.
I'm NOT wearing Amy Wallers skirt.
Thats not cool. I will pick her up though for a picture.
I saw chris out in the hallway taking off his stuff to put his band crap on...I thought, you know what? I'll do that. If you do things as a group, it looks natural. Thats why you have to moon or flash a camera as a group, so it looks natural.
If you saw me with no pants, I was at least TRYING not to be seen, so no bitching. So, after about twenty people mucked with my tie, I was ready for showtime. Lights! (right in the eyes!) Camera! (Obsessive band mom's) ACTION! (Nobody had sex on stage)
So, we started by playing our tuning note. I did a good job. Then we played the United Nations. I didn't even get the start right. From there, I just let my nervousness eat at me, so I never got better. I didn't muck up any A flats, so don't bitch at me for that.
Afterwards, Me and spud were removing our clothes when that sam bitch came by. She is starting to piss me off.
"I think the trombones are messing it up!"
"there always changing" Nar nar!
God, bitch. Simmer.
So, she walked by and said, "hello! This is what dressing rooms are made for."
I responded by saying, "Hello! Your hands are for your eyes!"
Whatever. It doesn't sound so witty on woohu. I don't care. She just needs to worry about herself.
So now I'm at home.
Doing nothing, when I should be doing family living, but guess what? That class is bullshit, so I don't care.
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03-01-03 1:36pm

haha sam who ?

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Re:, 03-02-03 12:31pm

I dunno. She plays bass clarinet.

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Re: Re:, 03-02-03 5:56pm

Foley and someone needs to tie that bitch up along with that Analease(however u spell her name) and through them off of a bridge.

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Re: Re: Re:, 03-03-03 5:58pm

aw now why annalise ? Shes cool

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03-05-03 5:25pm

hey man. i'd like to celebrate the landmark too. so right now, i'm gonna get naked, just for you. well, okay not just for you. katie's over. but i'll still be thinking about you.

she should get naked too. to make it look natural.

no wait. that's baD. nevermind.

hope you're having fun.

and getting just as naked as i am.

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