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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2008 at 11:16pm
I lost my WoW virginity today. I feel kind of dirty, like I need to wash my hands, but I'll get over it.

Mainly I feel like weaksauce because I said I would never play it, but I finally gave in to the peer pressure and temptation that was supplied by Pj and Kelly.

We're getting a canary too. Soon. Hopefully after I get my half of the stimulus check. Which should be sometime this week if Shawn doesn't have his head up his ass.

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07-05-08 11:28pm


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Re:, 07-05-08 11:31pm



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ilymtaitwww =]
yambffatbbfe =]]]]


and.... icwtstromlwy =D <43333333333388888888888811111111

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07-07-08 10:13pm

the only thing I can say to the shit up there is *shiffty eyes*

Anyway, I lost my WoW virginity as well. I kind of just like... didn't really do anything while I "played" though. Except get dizzy. I ran to this big building and then ... that's all really. Kelly told me to like kill these things, but I didn't cause I didn't want to kill things. So he did it for me, and pJ laughed and laughed. I enjoy watching things, not playing them =)
The end.

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