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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2008 at 7:19am
Sweet! 82 degrees tomorrow with a 60% chance of storms that could possibly be severe. I'm going to be SO excited to float down a river if storms hit. Nothin like being in a huge body of water with lightning raining from the sky =] I hope I don't get electrocuted!!


/end sarcasm.

Today can lick some goat balls, imo =] 10 hour day for the LOSE, buttttt if storms hit like the sky looks like they will, it'll make for a relaxing and humble day which is always exciting. I'm going to blow my fucking manager out of the water at our meeting this morning because I've been stalking our campaign numbers. Not gonna lie, I pretty much love being right all the time being a show off =]

Anywayyyy. Work work work, lunch, work work, home, pack, shopping, food, Cedar Springs, Pj's mommmmmm, Wii? SLEEP. sleep sleep, rafting, storms, liquor, electrocution, home.

iiiiiiiilmshsfm! inef. aikwlyfwighfw =] KTHXBAI.
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07-11-08 10:13am

theres actually some food after the electrocution :P

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Re:, 07-11-08 10:14am

Weather is the same as last year! >.>

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Re: Re:, 07-11-08 11:38am

yea, but it was colder last year, alot colder :P

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