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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-2008 at 10:18am
Coast Guard festival on Saturday, and I'm reaaaaaaaaaly excited! Fireworks are love. Winning stuffed animals is love. Rides are love. Sayche is loveeee <3333 I have a feeling that it will be a really good weekend =]!

My schedule was revised since I took sole control over the cash dispenser machines which basically means that I fill them every Thursday morning, and I'm the only person in the branch that has the full code for them, AND I have teh keyz =] SO I no longer have to close on Thursday or Friday this week, and hopefully I'll be able to get out 45 minutes early on Friday since Becky and I ended up staying 45 minutes late last night to audit the TCD machines. *crosses fingers* I was at work for nearly 11 hours yesterday =[ That makes me sad hah.

I'm going to attempt to make BBQ chicken tonight... in the oven. So, we'll see how that whole thing turns out lol. I've never made BBQ chicken before =x I just hope the chicken is still good =\ It's been sitting in the freezer for awhile just wrapped in two plastic bags, so Idk if it's been wrapped well enough to prevent freezer burn.

Damn. I need to go to Best Buy today too. I think I'll wait til Pj gets home though, and maybe he'll want to go with me =]

kk, I need to shower and clean around here to keep myself busy. =]
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07-29-08 8:28pm

you sound happy and content and it's cute and enviable =)
w00t, imho.

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