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duckie (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2008 at 9:11am
Right. So. Cleaning the bathroom is probably the most disgusting chore there could ever possibly be, and it's even worse because there is cat hair EVERYWHERE. It was so disgusting that I'm leaving the door closed from now on just to keep them out of there so I never have to deal with that again.

I have.. I wouldn't necessarily say a phobia, and I wouldn't really call it OCD, but I HATE when my hands get dirty, or when anything remotely gross comes in contact with them, and I absolutely HATE hair when it's not attached to someone's head. So yea. That was just the worst. Wet cat hair that won't come off of the wash cloth which forces me to touch it. Omfg. Gag reflex was definitely getting some exercise in that brief period of time. I probably did a half assed job too because I couldn't stand it, and I felt so disgusting =x

I STILL want to scrub my hands after I just spent like 5 minutes washing them in the kitchen sink.

I'm letting my stomach settle a little bit before I go back in to clean the mirror.
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08-15-08 1:01pm

lmao I'm the exact same way. I make sure the toilet is cleaned like twice a week so that it never gets to the point that I feel like it's too nasty to even mess with.
Also, hair freaks me out. As you said, it's fine attached, but when it's just hangin out it makes me gag.
I also freak out with my hands being clean.
That's weird... >.>

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Re:, 08-15-08 2:10pm

<3! That makes me feel better, though =P

I cleaned the bathroom awhile ago, and the only reason why I waited so long in between was because I was HOPING that another household member would do it, however apparently that's too much to ask for.

And I'm just not letting the cats into the bathroom anymore. If Stabby even walks over the sink there is cat hair all over it. Fucking gross, imo.

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