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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2008 at 10:21am
i am having a horrible horrible day...week...

i/we have never done this before. we've always been so on top of things and yeah we've been short before but never honestly with nothing. this is going to wreck things for us. this stuff is permanent.

god how do you tell a friend that you need something because it's fricken ruining shit.

this sucks and i keep getting sick every single day from the stress and i am not liking it.
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11-01-08 11:35am

i'm so sorry you have to feel this mom feels the same way 24.7 and she has for a long time. it makes ME super stressed just worrying about HER money you, she doesn't have any money to even give my sister 2 dollars for lunch at school or anything else. she worries and is stressed everyday and has to decide between getting some groceries or putting gas in her car. this winter my family will most likely freeze for the lack of money to buy fuel oil to heat the house. i feel so bad, i WISH That i could do something to help them. and i wish so badly that my mom didn't feel that way all the time. it's been this way for maybe 2 years.

the reason i'm telling you this, is because i have faith that you guys will come out of this soon and that it won't be two years! you guys are already on the right track by talking to her about it, and also getting new jobs! and once you get your loans and money back from books, i'm sure you'll be on your way to getting back on track..just don't give up and KNOW that it'll get better! i know you might be worried about your credit or whatever, but everyone makes mistakes and a lot of times they forgive you if it's the first time ( at least you don't have creditors and bill payers calling your house at least 12 times a day like at my home ) I know you'll make it- just don't kill yourself with stress.

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Re:, 11-02-08 1:58pm

jess love you you're sweet

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11-01-08 7:13pm

dont stress so much about it! Tj and i were in the same boat last year, he didnt have a job for almost 3 months and it totally sucked. We came out of it ok and i am sure you will just keep looking to the future.

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