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c-ramon-otero (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2008 at 2:19pm
Current mood: Geek'd!
Subject: I think it is Christmas.
Because I am increasingly more generous then usual. I mean, I love to help and I love to give. But maybe its this fucking snow, but I just brings out the most in me. Maybe.

But then again, well I was shopping for presents, I ended up buying some really good pens, a sketchpad, and some watercolours. :D

So, that is why I am geek'd! Hahah, I love words. But don't we all.

So yesterday, I almost quit Denny's cause some bullshit. But, since they had just fired two people, they really would have been fucked. And I don't want to screw Tony over. To be honest, he's the only reason I put up with all that bullshit. He's the most ballin' manager ever. But, if you would like the full story about what happened, just ask.

And I am out of here! But not really. I'll be home for awhile yet.
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12-22-08 5:41pm

Was that 'coffee' supposed to be a subliminal message?

Oh and, I did the same. Got some really nice Staedtler sketch pencils. Next on my 'to-get' list is a pack of prisma-color sketch pens. They're awesome.

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Re:, 12-22-08 5:42pm

and why did you almost quit?

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Re: Re:, 12-23-08 8:24am

I shall tell you.

With Coffee. =]

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