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c-ramon-otero (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2009 at 6:48am
Current mood: Odd
Music: God Hates Astronauts - Tub Ring
Subject: My my.
It's my stepdads birthday. Sweet. :D

Anywho, I am not asleep, which, as we all know, is normal for me.
I am sitting in the studio, I was playing keyboard for a while and then I started making more art on paint. lawl. So, now I am here, drawing and writing. Not just my woohu, a song. And its going well. Something about staying up all night is bombass and makes me think. So do cigarettes, which I have been smoking far too much of lately. Bleh.

My song is called "It's Betty Page's Birthday". Catchy title, I know. Been really clever lately. Woot.
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01-11-09 9:39pm

Cigarettes? wow. can't believe it.

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Re:, 01-12-09 6:23am

yeah but i haven't had one since that post.


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