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butterfly (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2009 at 3:23pm
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Subject: Life/Fire/Wreck.
Holy smokes, un update from Rachel. And, assuradely, one that will take forever for me to type.
So, on December the 6th, my van that I was driving (which was totally my parents') caught on fire, along with my friggin house. So I lost like two hundred dollars of emergency cash, all my school books (worth $450) and a ton of other stuff. So I moved in with Grandma and Grandpa and used their van (I assure you I was getting good at driving those stupid things). Then on the 12th of December, Grandma sent me to get us all some lunch before I went to work.
I met a tree. lol I drove straight into it and I haven't a reason as to why. I split open my left knee cap on the dash, nine inches across and two inches up it, shatterring my patella. I broke a piece off the end of that femer, blew the middle of it out, and broke the top of it next to my hip socket.
On my right leg, I dislocated the hip, fracturing the socket and breaking off a chip of it. Later they found a fracture under the knee cap in my tibia.
Left arm: Friggin broke both the radius and the ulna.
Right arm: Blew out the middle of the humerous, and broke the radius in a spiral break next to my elbow.
They salvaged 2/3 of my knee cap, holding it together with three screws and two pieces of wire. Stuck a titanium rod in my femur and humerous. Metal plates screwed to the other breaks in my arms, one that curves around my right elbow, which might have to be taken out in six months, and the rod in my humorous might be taken out in a year.
I had hip precautions so I didn't pop it out and I could only put 50 percent of my weight on it, so when I stepped I had to divide the weight up between my arms and the right leg with my walker.
However, to-friggin-day I saw my surgeon and he said I was doing so good I could go ahead and nix the walker and go to a cane when I felt comfortable doing so. I wasn't even supposed to be able to walk yet so I'm totally kicking ass on this.

The only other problem I had was I have Radial Palsey, where the radial nerves i my right hand/arm whatever, suffered so much damage they shut down on me. I'm getting them back, some movements quicker than other, but still. Like I couldn't even raise my arm of my wrist and now my fingers are just like uncordinated, and I can't do a thumbs up either. But some of that is due to weakness from not using it.
I was in Cox Hospital for 18 days, and in Select Specialty Hospital for 28 days, a total of 46 days. Ugh. I don't know when I can go back to work, but Social Security is giving me disability so I can pay my bills, luckily. I just found that out today, actually, so that was awesome.

Aaaaanyways. That's what's up.
<3 and miss everyone!!!

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02-05-09 5:53pm

holy s. seriously? iron[wo]man. that's all :]

i'm just glad you're alive and in relatively good spirits, and fucking GG to social security for giving you moniez!

try and take it easy though, kid, and let your bod heal :\ don't go rushing into thinking you need to get back to work asap. they told you they would wait, and so they should. text me moar.

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02-05-09 5:53pm

too long ; didnt read

jk, glad to hear you're at least aliveish :)

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02-07-09 1:37pm

Holy shit!
aw geez....


Well thank you for putting the story out there, it helps alleviate a lot of my woes over the situation. I mean...I still feel like ass because I cannot help in the situation at all.

Ugh! I wanna help ya >,<

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Re:, 02-07-09 2:37pm

lol no guilt is required. I don't need help with anything dude, I'm good. I'm getting ready to move back into my house even! I'm super excited.

<3 you Kell.

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Re: Re:, 02-07-09 11:28pm

Are you gonna turn into house? It would totally be cool.

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Re: Re: Re:, 02-08-09 1:54am

Dr. House?
Cause I so just ordered the exact replica of the cane he had in season two, the one that Wilson sawed off...
So yes, lol I am. I'm super excited about it too!!!

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