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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2003 at 9:36pm
Music: The Used
Subject: Without it all, I'm choking on nothing, it's clear in my head, and i'm screaming for something...
Gosh. This weekend...was one of the best weekends i've had in an extremely long time.
Every day of this weekend was good and especially last night.
Friday i went over to jessi's and we played hockey at chris's until 9:30 or so. Then we went inside and ate breadsticks and drank hot cocoa.
After that, we went back out and played more hockey and basketball. haha. it was fun. then casey got home and she came over and robby came over and we all hung out.
Saturday, we all went to valueland and tried to get robby to try on this awesome (ha-ha) purple dress. This guy walked by and told him he was cute. Then we went around searching for sweaters for him and i found a blue one and we all talked him into getting it. (didn't take much convincing, blue is his color) :-)
I got a bright neon green sweatshirt too.
Then after that we went to D&W to use the bathroom and get some drinks and jess and i collected free stuff. After that, we went to robbo's and watched a movie and then Charlie came over. we all hung out then robby had to leave for work. We stayed there for a little while and jeff and dusty showed up. Kal and Charlie and I all jammed. haha. i suck. It was fun though. Then we all left and it was a little after 5. We went to rockford and walked by the dam. It was really nice, i got to talk to Charlie a lot and it was so great. Except for it being cold. But yeah, then him and i walked up this trail a little bit, but we saw a random scary kid running towards us in a red jacket so we turned around and went back. Stupid dog crap and scary kids...
After that we went to Squire Street and found a store to go in. It was a stained glass store and we ended up talking to the guy he was nice and gave jess and casey popcorn. We must've stayed in there for 15 minutes. Looking at stuff===(keeping warm). haha. Then we walked down some street and then left. Casey had some coupons for subway so we went to Sparta and the subway there. My stomach muscles hurt so bad.
Then we hit the dollar store and i found a funny horse thing for casey, it made noises too. Afer that we went to the bean...There was a band there from some college, they were pretty good from what i heard, they had bongos too. But was funny. Jeff kept driving up to Charlie and I and almost smashed into us. Things at the bean...well, i don't know. i don't know anymore.
Charlie and i played Uno, it was fun.
After that, it was getting pretty late and the place was dead, so we went back to jessi's. Jeff came over and we all watched Snow Dogs! haha. STUPID MOVIE!!! NEVER WATCH IT...EVER!
We didn't even watch it, it was long and dumb. But yeah, we all were having a great time and talking and everything seemed funny. Casey made us pizza but no one else wanted it except her and i so we ate it. all. haha. It was funny, it seemed like we were having a sleep-over so once we got home i changed into my pj's. he was one of the girls. hahaha. then he left at midnight and we tried staying up talking but i couldn't, i was so tired. Once i had fallen asleep Jess poured ice cold water on my forehead. It rolled into my eyes and ear and i jumped up and started yelling odd things at her because i was only half-awake. hahahaha. From what i remember/heard, this was the converation...
Me-"Wow. I guess you are just a really mean person, why'd you do that!!?"
Jess-"...I could pour some on Casey if it'd make you feel better..."
Casey-"No, that's quite alright."
Me-"See if i ever help you again."
Jess-"Help me how?"
Me-"Blah de blah blah...i was helping you...we were all helping by talking to you...i was sleeping. blah."
Jess-"Exactly, haha, how were you helping by sleeping? You weren't helping. You were sleeping."
Me-"I wasn't talking because i was sleeping, therefore i was helping."

and then i fell asleep. ahahaha. well. It was pretty funny.
But yes.. best weekend
Gosh. :-D i'm so happy.
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03-02-03 10:28pm

i just bought my Used & Coheed and Cambria tickets yesterday.. its going to be amazing!

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Re:, 03-02-03 11:26pm

Yeah, Used is coming here pretty soon too! i'm excited but i'm not sure if i'm going yet...

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