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skife (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2009 at 11:30pm
Subject: Dear santa clause, Go fuck yourself.
I'm depressed because;

My wallet is empty
My paycheck is spent (can't even cash it until tomorrow)
I can't buy anybody christmas presents this year.

I know how "Tennessee" Earnie Ford felt when he is singing "sixteen tons"
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12-18-09 1:44am

i'm not buying anyone anything either. there's one gift idea in particular that i'm rather upset about bailing on. and i feel like a dick, because my family is still going to insist on buying me shit that i don't want.

i might still do that one though. only takes about 10 bucks and a trip to the hardware store. that'd get me my gift-giving fix, at least.

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12-18-09 10:55am

i'm buying folks booze and if they dont like it I'll fucking drink it

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12-18-09 10:17pm

We've spent over $100 on Christmas that we don't have. So no more of this shit. We did SOMETHING, and it's definitely better than NOTHING.

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02-04-10 8:42am

It's comforting knowing someone still uses this thing besides me :]

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