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sweetyas (profile) wrote,
on 3-2-2010 at 1:44pm
Music: Bedrock
Subject: Friends
Friends are essential to survival, is it bad to make non-lasting friendships on purpose?

I will be leaving China soon and I am not sure if its good to invest that much into a friendship that might not last. The problem is that the other guy might be upset...i feel that i am using him! :( I dont like doing that to ppl but i need atleast one person to have decent convos with. In an entire city, there are only a handful of ppl i can talk to. it sux.

BTW: the chinese are idiots. they cant fix a hot water heater...really, come on!
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03-03-10 10:16pm

Just make normal friends with him. If he continues to talk to you outside of China, respond accordingly, and taper off. Don't worry about it too much. Long distance friendships are hard enough, nevermind if they were formed under different circumstances. He might be someone you would never be friends with had you met him at school or something.

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Re: , 04-01-10 1:39am

Exactly!! He's 30-something and the biggest nerd in the world!!! But good conversations!

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