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lugosi (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2012 at 8:09pm
Subject: Oh dear
As expected, I did indeed lose my job last month (February), but I was offered a pathetic four hour contract (per week) in another company, so I have been very slowly working my way up to getting a job else where as clearly this company is not doing too well.

Although in fairness all I ever read or see on the news is that companies are failing so it really is just a big mess out there.

In other news I am in love! Oh you may well scoff, I do too, the Master of Darkness, in love? What nonsense. There is a slight hitch though...

The object of my affections has someone and has had someone for a very long time, naturally I will keep my emotions to myself, I do not go through life being called stoic for nothing.

I actually feel pretty bad that I have avoided here for so long, but it has been rather hectic applying for jobs, trying to find new jobs, trying to not murder any of my colleagues, reading books...

I have quite a lot on my mind, it is all building up, so I will be ranting about that heavily tomorrow.
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03-14-12 5:59pm

*scoff scoff*

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03-21-12 1:50pm

Indeed, how droll.

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