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rayray (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2012 at 6:21am
My kid won't nap. And some people might think that, that is no big deal. But you've probably Never met Reagan. She is a major crab without a nap. She is sleep deprived and has been since she was about 4 months old. Her dad is no help with that. He contradicts everything I say or do.. She hasn't napped since Tuesday. And that wasn't a very long nap. Maybe a 20 mile drive. Wednesday, she fought it for 4 hours, and screamed bloody murder for 2.5 hours. I am seriously going insane. She doesn't ever let me do anything. Other than watch cartoons with her. I'm to the point where I'm ready to send her to day care just so I don't have to deal with nap time... But I would feel super Shitty about dumping her off on someone else when she wont go to sleep on her own.

And complaining and being this frustrated with her makes me feel like a Shitty mom and a Shitty person. Which just makes me cry along with her.
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08-17-12 9:08am

A) You aren't, haven't ever been, nor will you ever be a shitty mom.
B) Daycare is always an option that you can choose to use for a couple days a week to keep your sanity.
C) Have you ever looked up napping tips online? Some people try some pretty "out there" things that seem to work for their child.

I am lucky and Haevin knows when he needs a nap and doesn't fight it much. I can't imagine how stressed you must get never getting a reprieve. Keep on fighting Mama.

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Re: , 08-17-12 12:58pm

I have looked up napping tips, several times.. in hopes that there would be something new to try.. I just have to bite the bullet, and let her cry it out, even if that means crying forever.

Ally suggested, which I am currently trying, put her in a crib and just let her do her thing for an hour or so, and do whatever I need to do without bothering her, even if she doesn't nap.

And I have revoiced my opinion to Mike about the crying it out, and us needing to be on the same page. He got pissed off at first, and I am sure he is still pissed off, but he will get over it.

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08-17-12 12:34pm

sounds like mike needs a couple days alone with her without her napping. maybe google no cry sleep solution? there should be some version aimed toward kids reagans age

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Re: , 08-17-12 1:14pm

I have a feeling that if he were to spend two full days with her, she would nap. Because he would hold her and cuddle her forever until she went to sleep, and it wouldn't be at a specific time. He babies her like crazy. And I am probably making my frustration worse than what it needs to be, but I'm pretty frustrated. And sick of feeling like crap about it. I need to find a hobby, that isn't worrying about my brother, and all the other madness going on around me.

We are all getting out of the house as a family tonight, minus Darielle, because I'm sure she has plans. But we are going bowling with some friends and their kids. I may not be away from her, but I will be with people that enjoy my company, and I enjoy theirs!

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08-17-12 2:23pm

My brothers were having that problem and my mom gave them melatonin. It is a natural sleep aid and non habit forming. After a few weeks on it it became part of the schedule and they didn't need the melatonin anymore. She just gave it to them like 20 minutes before she wanted them to nap.

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Re: , 08-17-12 3:42pm

I may have to look into that.. After filling Ally's advice and letting Reagan do her own thing I'm her bed for an hour, she stopped screaming and napped for 20 minutes. And having that time to myself made me feel better.

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