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srsbsnsrunner (profile) wrote,
on 1-25-2014 at 11:39am
Subject: things i've learned.
My friend posted a blog containing 25 things she learned and challenged us to do the same. So the past few days since reading her blog I've challenged myself to learn something new about myself. In between bus rides, long runs, short runs, sweaty yoga sessions and sitting still, I've learned a few things on my own.

1. I am introverted and that's okay.
2. I love to give without reason.
3. Winter is beautiful.
4. Yoga is challenging for me.
5. Probably because I have a hard time slowing down.
6. imperfection is freeing.
7. I have to talk to myself out loud to motivate myself.
8. Things are not always as they appear.
9. Chronic pain PT is my calling.
10. I listen to my heart more than my head.
11. I believe in karma.
12. The universe gives you a lot, even though it may not be what you want, you just have to accept it.
13. I would rather have one friend I can have a deep and meaningful conversation with than multiple friends to do things with.
14. I don't enjoy the company of really young kids.
15. Being alone calms me.
16. Death doesn't scare me.
17. Having my future up in the air does however.
18. We try to find meaning and connections in random things.
19. I love sincerely and deeply.
20. I am always optimistic.
21. And realistic.
22. I love giving people compliments and making them feel good about themselves.
23. Sometimes I wish someone would do the same for me.
24. The voice in my head is mean most of the time.
25. I tend to do things differently and take the long way home but that is okay with me.
26. Stillness needs to come from within oneself, not the outside world.
27. Silence is awesome.
28. I always give people the benefit of the doubt, always.
29. Little things upset me sometimes, like puppies chewing my shoes.
30. I don't like superheroes.
31. I don't feel the need to be rescued anymore.
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01-25-14 3:27pm

You're very insightful when it comes to yourself. I think knowing yourself is an essential point to life many people don't understand the importance of. It's good that you do. We all need to do that more carefully.

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01-25-14 4:30pm

Agreed. My favourite part of Grendel by John Gardner is where Grendel talks to the dragon. Grendel asks the dragon, in all his infinite wisdom, for a piece of advice. The dragon tells Grendel that nothing matters, so best find a pile of gold and sit on it. The dragon also tells Grendel to "know thyself," because knowledge of one's self is one of the most if not the most powerful gift in a world that you only perceive through your own senses and interpretations. In a sense, the dragon means, if you know yourself, you know everything that matters.

(The dragon is also a raging nihilist, but you know, I like his point.)

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