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sugarjackj (profile) wrote,
on 2-14-2014 at 2:32am
Subject: I feel like a 16 year old girl again. Not the best time in my life...
The same man keeps breaking my heart time and time again.
I canít help but always be there for him. I am unable to separate myself from him.

And itís fucking killing me.

I broke up with my past 3 boyfriends. It just wasnít right. I know this.
But how am I supposed to move on when I gave my whole heart to someone else?

Thatís not fair to the men I am dating. And I know that.

What I donít know is how to make these feelings stop.

After a year and a half of not being with you, you come back into my life and itís like Iím unable to function. Paralyzed by your presence.

What the hell is my problem.
Why canít I just leave you and be on my merry way?

I have to do something but am completely at a stand-still.
I would rather have you in my life than not. Even if itís just as friends. Because after all, you are my greatest friend.

But emotionally I am a shit show because of it.
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02-14-14 1:02pm

I have one of these people too. I think it's a rare emotional disease. Lol Good luck.

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04-04-14 4:58am

it takes more than a heart to make a relationship work.

and it seems that the drop it and run approach hasn't worked very well for you so far either.

i don't really have any advice to offer, since i'm clearly not well qualified to give any, but hopefully a different perspective helps?

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