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luckyloser (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2003 at 4:55pm
Current mood: energetic
Music: Socialburn - Down
Subject: I love that song
Hello. Today wasnt as spiffy as yesterday. The first three hours of today were practically terrible. Things got a little better after breakfast but it still wasn't divine or peachy, or even funky. but I've had worse days so life goes on. Oh no , the song! make it stop! ok I'm ok. Do you think I'm cooky? odd? strange? weird? I think some people do. but there are a lot of people I think are weird so if I'm werid what does that make them? I want tomorrow to come, but not until today is done. I am a weirdo. Damn. But now I might be more weird. oh no! let's not think about it. we'll just be the same. Yea. But people don't like it. What should i do? Shold I change for other people? That seems decietful and untrue, but to ignore their preferences is selfish. Damn my thoughts. We're gona go think about this now. By the way, does anyone know who that anonymous is? I would ask them but if they were going to tell me they wouldn't have put anonymous, right? Yea I'm a smart cookie. Bye now.
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03-07-03 5:38pm

Dont change for people! Be yourself! lol! And I"m glad your thinking deep thoughts! It makes me overjoyed with welm! Catcha later...

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Re:, 03-08-03 2:31pm

but if being myself makes it harder on other people, it just seems selfish. and wow, with the 'overjoyed with whelm'. thanx

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