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godessalthena (profile) wrote,
on 2-19-2018 at 2:06pm
There's always going to be an excuse for you to not come over to my house.


So no matter how much or often I tell you it hurts my feelings, it's never ever going to change.

Sometimes I really wish I hadn't taken a chance. So I could just be alone and lonely. And I wouldn't have to feel bad about everything because I'm not over my trauma and I'll never be normal.

I'm not worth this.
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02-20-18 4:01am

do you show your journal to people you know in your personal life?

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Re: , 02-20-18 10:34am

Yes, my parents know it exists & used to read it idk if they do anymore.. I have also given the link to 2 friends, but idk if they read either. I know a few journalers on here personally too. I don't really care who sees, this is my soul & I have nothing to hide.

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Re: Re: , 02-20-18 12:35pm

cool just curious

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