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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2002 at 5:52pm
My rabbit died today. And if you know me, you know how much i loved that little thing. She was so cute. :(
I found out when i got home after school. My dad told me, and i balled my eyes out. I miss her, she was the best, seriously. My dog just died like, last year, and i've only had my bunny for a year and a half. :( But she's gone now. I didn't even think to play with her this morning, because i always thought she'd be there when i got home, so the last time i saw her was last night. Well, that was my day.
Yesterday i helped film a movie, that was fun! I think i'm doing it again tomorrow, this weekends gonna be a blast. But right nows not. well, later.
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05-23-02 7:30am

Sorry about your rabbit. Thats a shame. We all have pets that we love deeply (Not sexually) and wish could be immortal. Just curious, does :( mean depression or what? I'm not hip on computer terms.

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05-24-02 10:42am

I feel your pain. My fish just died and I loved that thing to pieces. Yes, a fish. Anyway. I'm sorry that it happened.

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05-24-02 7:42pm

aww hilly! i'm sorry. i know this was hard on you. but you didn't know it was going to happen, so don't feel bad. sometimes bunnies die. that was blunt, but hey. you already know i'm here if you need me, but something tells me you'll be ok. w/ love

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05-24-02 11:19pm

Awww. Thanks you guys :)

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